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DETES Transport Services LLC

DETES Transport Services, LLC is a consumer’s goods transportation company located in Naples, Florida. DETES Transport Services, LLC (DTS, LLC) proudly serves Southwest Florida, and other regions within the United States of America.


DTS, LLC provides a professional transport solution by taking into account the details related to the place of pick-up and delivery, the type of goods, time constraints, budget in order to arrive to total and optimal customer satisfaction. 


DTS, LLC comprises of a general manager, assistant manager who also oversees the administrative side of the company when it comes to interacting with clients and maintain client relationships, and a marketing chairperson who takes care of advertising and growing the clientele. All team managers have excessive training in business; they are all aware of the aspects of transportation and are willing to go the extra mile to satisfy our clients.


  • Holmanne Jr DETES — owner, General Manager

  • Darline Jude DETES — Assistant Manager.

  • Karl Vensky Pierre — marketing manager.

DTS, LLC continues to rely on its core values: Quality Service, Competitive prices, and guaranteed customer satisfaction. One way to ensure that we always deliver the best services is by paying close attention to the needs of our clients


DTS, LLC aims to provide services to different sector whether it be agricultural or the food industry, healthcare, manufacturing companies, construction material testing companies. Large commercial industries, appliances, products either for office or personal use.

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